During this work from home time where everybody needs a webcam for video conference, it was hard finding popular brand webcams, so I decided to try other brands. I was surprised to see a familiar brand, Amcrest. My security cameras are Amcrest, so I decided to try Amcrest webcam as well expecting the same quality. I’ve been using this webcam for 4 days already and I am impressed.

Amcrest Webcam Review: Design

Starting with the quality of the camera itself, the unit is well built and sturdy. The frame is a nice, sleek carbon plastic in all black. 

The convenient foldable design allows you to easily take it anywhere, with dimensions of 4.53 x 4.53 x 2.68 inches and of much better build quality than the Victure Webcam

Amcrest Webcam Review: Value

Amcrest webcam software: easy to setup and use. Amcrestwebcam gives you a lot of flexibility to install it. Just plug it into your computer and open up the video software you want to use (Zoom/Skype/etc) and it automatically detects the platform as the video/audio source.

The Amcrest doesn’t use its own app to adjust exposure, and zoom, or anything else. this can be a blessing if you are using a PC and maybe need to reduce as many background apps running during gameplay and streaming. But it can also be frustrating because you have to utilize options that are built into your streaming software that is very run of the mill.

Amcrest Camera Setup:

The mount doesn’t hold well on the top of a monitor when trying to adjust the camera to either side. Not a big problem but it would be nice to be able to lock it in place a little better.

The Amcrest Webcam when mount on the monitor has no ability to turn/angle to the side. For those of us in multiple monitor environments, this means we can’t have it on the secondary monitor to the side that we do much of our non-critical work on.

This typically means it goes on the monitor with the main tasks. Again not a huge issue but I would have like to have it on the other monitor with the ability to angle about 15 degrees.

Especially, The privacy cover for the Amcrest webcam covers the lens when it is not in use. It’s perfect to help provide security, and peace of mind to anyone, from individuals to large companies. It also helps to protect the lens from dirt and debris to ensure your video remains clear for the life of the camera.